Located in the only state-level development zone in Beijing- Yizhuang Economic-Technological Development Area, OBE Group was mainly engaged in production and R&D of access control at the beginning of its establishment. With 13-year rapid growth and development and for conforming to the collaborative development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, and under the background of “internet+”, OBE firstly accomplished the transformation of traditional manufacturing, leads the trend of “internet+ physical industry”, and develops into “the group company by integrating access control, internet innovation park and multi-plate finance” by strides.

OBE Access Control OBE Internet Innovation Park OBE Investment Fund

OBE Access Control

OBE’s access control business began to be operated since 2003 and in the year 2008, OBE and General Automation Technology. Inc. jointly invested to set up “OBE Door Control Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd”. The international advanced professional technology and market combine the control force effectively, making OBE become the pioneer of the super high revolving door brand in China, and the brand innovator of the speed door industry.

OBE Internet Innovation Park - the First Industry and Finance Innovation Base in Yizhuang

In response to the economic reform of Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area in the profound integration development of electronic information, equipment manufacturing, biological medicine, automobiles leading industry with the big data and cloud computation internet technology, OBE takes great pains to promote the industry interconnection and integration. “OBE Internet Innovation Park” has set up a development bridge between the government, investors and entrepreneurs by setting up the innovative and intelligent internet enterprise service platform so as to promote the industrial optimization and upgrading in the development area and help to enhance the city value.
OBE internet innovation park covers the area of 30,000㎡, consisting of an office building, an innovation R&D building and 6 headquarter office buildings, as well as the perfect supporting facilities such as dining rooms, coffee house and comprehensive conference halls etc. The park has adopted the intelligent Silicon valley- design with lower density and strong atmosphere in high-tech research and development and office. At present, it has been developed into a high-tech and innovative park inclusive of industry park- startup space-incubator-accelerator full chain incubation.

OBE Finance - Complete and Perfect Financial Service System

Beijing OBE Investment Funds Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “OBE Investment”), invested by OBE Gate Control Science and Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has the registered capital of 30 million RMB and is mainly engaged in promotion, establishment, operation and management and investment and operation of industrial investment funds and the other types pf equity investment funds. By adhering to the principle of “marketization, professionalization and internationalization” to actively and stably operate and in combination with the national industrial development policy, OBE Investment aims at the equity investment in the project at early stage and growth stage, makes the business model innovation for the project by the professional team, improve the corporate governance and profitability of the invested companies, and enhance their competitiveness in all aspects. At the same time, OBE Investment, by promoting the industrial resources integration of the government and the invested company, has effectively helped the companies to realize the rapid appreciation and make the incubation and cultivation for the companies by virtue of their own OBE internet innovation park, so as to enable them to achieve the target of listing in securities market.
Based on Yizhuang, OBE Investment mainly invests in TMT, mobiles internet, new materials, and intelligent hardware etc. and has now invested in 10 high-growth premium projects and managed 1 billion investment funds, among which 60% of the funds are mainly used in the development of high-growth and innovative projects in the development area. At the same time, OBE Investment undertakes to provide the investment consultancy and asset management etc. for enterprises in the park and high-tech enterprise in Yizhuang, offer the industrial transformation and upgrading services for the development area with the innovation spirit, attract the other famous investment funds in the other areas to Yizhuang Development Area by virtue of the sophisticated financial resources so as to promote the capital operation of Yizhuang financial market.

OBE initiates to provide one-stop services for the customers from the customized access control planning, product design, research and development, production and after-sale services, so as to satisfy the diversified demands of different customs for pleasant passage, safety control administration, monitoring ability and elegant design. At present, there are more than 10,000 office buildings, financial institutions, urban complexes and transportation junctions etc. worldwide that are using OBE’s services.
As a national high-tech enterprise and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise, OBE owns over 220 energetic employees, 23 research staff with more than 15 years of experience in industrial control, electric, structural process and software development; 60 technicians and the sales team and after-sales team spreading over 20 cities.


2 Registered trademarks
37 Independent intellectual property rights
8 Computer software copyrights
It is recognized as the national high-tech company in 2011
Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise
Strictly follow ioses:9001 Quality System approval in company’s quality management process
The products have obtained EU CE Authentication, German TUV Authentication and passed the tests of National Building Material Center and Security Police Products Test Center of Ministry of Public Security.
The Company has received many honors such as Excellent Innovation Enterprise in China, Excellent Modeling Enterprise in Quality and Honest Commitment, Honest Enterprise in Building Material Industry (AAA), 2017 Capital Labor Awards, and “Zero Claim Unit” of Ping’an Insurance etc.


OBE人同心協力,以真誠與創新,實現用戶滿意、員工樂意、經營順意,共同追求永續經營,創出入口解決方案第一品牌,成就OBE百年品牌事業。 OBE事業快速發展,不斷創新,蒸蒸日上,是憑借OBE人的厚德與才智,"以德為本"為先,是OBE堅持的原則和方向,其次是業務和才智。 OBE擁有一支充滿生機、活力的人才團隊,注重"以人為本,人盡其才",在不斷體現以人為本的持續增長動力的同時,始終提倡"合作與交流"的團隊合作精神,同事之間建立了良好關係,老員工幫助新員工快速有效地融入團隊的計劃。



OBE品牌形象以“OBE”宣傳標識,其內容為歐必翼(Open Your Best Entrance)的英文開頭字母縮寫,寓意為“開啟您全新體驗之門,精誠所致,入門而超越您所感” “OBE”同時也寓意為建築物的點睛之筆,代表了OBE所研製的產品不管在外觀及功能上都獨樹一幟。堅持“以自身的產品特征為發展的動力,並不斷地満足客戶不同需求。以綠色為商標的主色調,寓意企業充滿活力與生氣,欣欣向榮,並突出品牌唯一,獨一無二的個性,在視覺識別係統中,嚴格以企業VI設計理念傳遞給客戶予以創新、激情之生命力。


1、品牌願景:通過全體OBE人的共同努力,使品質卓越和不斷創新的OBE係列產品和出入口控製解決方案在中國及國際 市場上成為門控行業第一品牌








OBE成長10年以來,無數用戶在選擇OBE,很多用戶已經是二次、三次重複在選擇OBE,並簽訂了長期戰略合作協議,如航天三院、中國的知名房地產商-寶隆集團,梅花味精、藝海集團、北汽控股、遠大集團等用戶,以下摘選部分用戶的評價: 中組部辦公樓工程總指揮部: OBE是眾多供應商中較突出的優秀代表,不僅工程品質優良,更加注重對工程的服務質量。(OBE被中組部項目部評為“工程優秀施工單位”


Brand Creation

Registered “OBE” trademark and set up R&D research base in Beijing, independently developed automatic revolving doors and brought OBE’s customized products to the market.


Technological Innovation

The only company adopted 28 sets of security devices and firstly developed block-free protective device of two-wing revolving door which had become the model of technological innovation in the industry.


Product Export

Set up the local market sales network and also exported the products to North America, Middle East and Asia markets under EU CE requirement.


International Cooperation

Jointly set up OBE Door Control Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. with General Automation Technology. Inc. Covering the production, installation and after-sale services of revolving doors in south of China and overseas. OBE had applied GE’s leading industrial control technology to the revolving door.


Strategic Cooperation Upgrading

Jointly Set up OBE Door Control Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. with General Automation Technology. Inc. and built headquarters of Greater China in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Zone covering the area of nearly ten thousand square meters, has become the new standard for the industry by using the CNC machining center to automatic operate the production of revolving door.


Category Innovation

By combination with the demands of Chinese market, OBE had developed the core technology on non-standard revolving doors, and firstly launched the new category, super-high revolving doors (two-wing revolving doors with more than 3 meters in height) and extra-large revolving doors (5.8 meters in internal diameter), which has filled the blanks of several technologies in the industry and effectively solved the technological difficulties in safety protection, structural bearing, operation noise and braking and balance etc. in respect of super-high and extra-large revolving doors, and become the technological leader in the industry.


Brand development

By virtue of leading industrial control and sensor industry of General Automation Technology. Inc., OBE has launched speed gate, security gate and series of supporting security products. Access control has become OBE’s major business sector.In October 2010, OBE executed the contract with Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area in Diaoyutai and has become the key imported project (only one in the industry) of Beijing International Hi-tech Expo.Beijing Economic-Technological Development Zone has recognized OBE as the mainly supported entity.


Business Expansion

With the accelerated process of “Safe City and Intelligent City”, OBE has launched the security products specialized for airports. After two-year research and development, OBE launched self-boarding speed gate which has passed the inspection and testing of national authoritative department and provided the comprehensive solutions for satisfying the airports’ demands of “improving the passengers’ check-in rate and enhancing the passengers’ boarding service experience”.


Completion of New locations of OBE Headquarters

The main body of the largest production and R&D headquarter base in the industry had been completed, signifying that OBE’s development and industrial recognition jumped to a higher level. OBE’s R&D headquarter base has become the largest industry base with the largest scale, greatest productivity and most leading technologies in the industry.


Strategic Transformation and Upgrading

Under the background of greatly promoting the industrial upgrading by Beijing Economic-Technological Development Zone, OBE firstly completed the transformation from traditional manufacturing industry and guided the trend of “internet +physical industry”, took the integration and interconnection of industry and high-tech industry as the particular orientation and devoted to develop the R&D headquarters into one of the first groups special industrial park in the development zone.


Group Establishment

OBE has worked out the significant strategic initiatives “investment as the core, physical industry as the base, building up a financial platform for innovation, realizing the industrial rising, accomplishing the capital accumulation and creating the capital value” and devoted to developing into “the group company by integrating access control, internet innovation park and multi-plate finance” by strides.



OBE Future

With the rapid development, OBE’s operation scale is expanding and is now standing up the new point and new height, and setting foot on the new journey. OBE shall achieve the success by virtue of the market share and superb quality and will develop into the most excellent access control solution provider. By importing and independently developing the leading technology in the industry, OBE shall achieve its development target with rapidest innovation, greatest productivity, most professional technologies and highest market share and serve the customers with heart and soul by virtue of the advanced technologies and management skills so that OBE shall become a world brand, its sales revenue maintains over 30% of yearly growth and its market share in the domestic market would covers more than 30%. Thus, it shall be developed into the first brand in access control industry.
The joint and industrious efforts of OBE team are the foundation for OBE’s rapid growth. The Company is devoted to carrying out the significant strategic initiatives with “investment as the core, physical industry as the base, building up a financial platform, realizing the industrial rising, accomplishing the capital accumulation and creating the capital value” and creating a industrial development of ecological chain with diversified OBE products, market, investment area and capital and make OBE to be a successful model in diversified development and innovation!

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